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Dunn House

P.O. Box 819

Medford OR 97501

Business #: 503-779-3960

Hotline/Crisis: 503-779-HELP

Toll Free #: (800)5-HELP-01


My name is Vince Faini

I think highly of what you and your organization are doing. I know from personal experience what it is like to be a kid with a mother that has been battered. I know the fear and I know the guilt of not being able to protect my mother. I know what it is like to wonder what the future will bring for one’s family in situations of abuse.

This is why I, along with other people would like very much to help.

I know that regardless of how successful an organization is, there is always the need for more money since the task you face is no doubt daunting and never-ending.

I have offered to raise money for your organization by using a variety of methods.

I think it is important for me to emphasize that I will not be personally or directly collecting money for any organization, but instead I will be encouraging people to give money directly to your organization as well as the other organizations that I support.

One method is the sale of a number of books that I have written where a portion of the proceeds will go to your organization.

I also have convinced other writers to take part in this method to help you raise money for our Veterans and other people within our communities that so desperately need our help; and as a side benefit, the authors get good publicity and free advertising on a website that I have developed.

I foresee a growing number of authors, musicians and artists climbing on board to help.

In addition, I have come up with a plan that will allow your organization to receive money from the purchase of e-books off my website in the speed of light.

I, and other authors and musicians will be submitting many of our works in e-format where people can purchase the items they wish to download and then they would press a BUY NOW button that would send the money INSTANTLY to a PAY PAL account that your organization can set up so that all proceeds from the sales of these items can go into only your account.

This method will insure that the authors and musicians will not have to pay taxes on these items, and they may even get some sort of tax break and since your organization is non-profit, you will not have to pay taxes on these funds that will essentially be donated by the writers and the purchasers of these items.

The purchasers will be made aware up front that the money will be sent to you or to a charitable organization of their choice.

Finally, at the end of June I will be off work for a month and I will start walking across the United States as another method to get public attention to your organization as well as many other fine organizations, such as Interfaith – Cervis in Medford to name a few. Perhaps people will pledge to give your organization or the organizations that are near and dear to their hearts X-amount of dollars for every mile I walk. I say let’s make it fun!

I think it is important to share with you that I understand that organizations are quick to refuse help, especially if it is in a manner that is new and innovative. Please try to understand that it is important for people to give in ways that is best suited for them. Some people do not have money or time, but they do have other resources that can be generated into the type of resources that you and your organization needs. It is especially important for people of a spiritual – especially a Christian nature to give. Please do not deny their Christian urgings.

Also, it is my hope that some of the people that you help and other people from the community will help me to help them on this venture.  As you can see by the letter, I am sending a copy of this letter to various people to show my support to your organization and for the sake of public transparency.

Please contact me at vfaini2010@comcast.net or my return address on the envelope.

I will appreciate any advice that you can give.


Vince Faini

C.C. Congressman Peter DeFazio,                                           C.C. Veteran Affairs.

C.C. To Other Relevant Entities                                                C.C. Mr. Paul Fagal – The Mail Tribune

C.C. The Register Guard                                                          C.C. The Oregonian



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