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How can I continue my education in the most effective manner as I pursue all of my agendas?


     Since my earliest memory I have been enamored by books and imbued with a strong desire to learn. Unfortunate events early in my life put a damper on my education and circumstances throughout my life frustrated my efforts to continue my education. Now that I am on my "Vision Quest" the desire burns evermore fiercely. Needless to say, I am faced with certain challenges. Because of mission, my time will be taxed and my location always different.


     How then am I suppose to learn as I travel the highways and byways of this country?


Luckily, with the use of trusty Lap Mac I can utilize a bit of creativity and travel the world via the internet to research any variety of educational sites...my most favorite being Wikipedia of course!


    I decided before I start my walk I would create and setup a template on this website with which I could refer to for study and from this template I will be able to travel both more deeply and broadly through Wikipedia and other educational sites. As I move through this task, I will add to my educational curriculumn which I want to share with anyone interested in learning with me.


    Many of you may ask, why I would bother to gather much of this material from Wikipedia and take the time to organize it and use up expensive space on my server. Good question!


     The answer is, I need to organize my curriculumn in a manner best suited for me, and I needed to have what I want in an easy summarized and condense format; Not to mention that I am interspersing my curriculumn with material from other educational sites.


     A second reason is that I want to encourage people to journey and learn with me, and to share your knowledge and expertise with me. In short, I want a more personal relationship with many of you...for us to take on the task of co-tutoring, of mutual mentoring. Any of you can help to participate in my education as well as your own, by submitting information that you are interested and well versed with.


     Finally, I want the information that we gather and organize together as we learn to be put back into the Wikipedia database.


One parting question, "What makes for a well rounded and complete educations? How would you devise your personal curriculumn? What sort of curriculumn should our schools provide?




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