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comdex score


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Count based on number of people available in primary network as of 12 March 2007.



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VietSpace member list

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Online dating category - articles on a number of dating sites.

Hospitality service

www.Travellersconnected.com is a huge free community site for long term career break and gap year travellers




Benchmark virtual communities

BBS or Internet Forum: The WELL, GEnie, Dead Runners Society

Blog: LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Blogger

Webcomic: UserFriendly, Penny Arcade, Sluggy Freelance, Ctrl+Alt+Del

Virtual world/city: LucasFilm's Habitat, Secondlife, Millsberry, Red Light Center

IM: ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM


MMORPG: Everquest, Ultima Online, RuneScape, World of Warcraft, Silk Road Online

MOO: LambdaMOO


P2P: Kazaa, Morpheus, Napster, Limewire


Wiki: Wikipedia, WikiWikiWeb, Wetpaint, PBWiki

WWW: eBay, GeoCities, Slashdot, Digg

Dead Runners Society



Something Awful


The Talk

Zombie Squad





Art communities

Albino Blacksheep













Category:MU* servers

Category:MU* games


Ethnical communities

Fillos de Galicia





Other types

4chan (imageboards)


Del.icio.us (social bookmarking)

eHarmony (online dating service)

vMix (online video sharing community)

GameTZ.com (an online game, music, movie, and book trading community)

CouchSurfing (free accommodation world wide through hospitality exchange)

Hospitality Club (free accommodation world wide through hospitality exchange)

iPoste.org (a video-enabled, non-commercial interest-centered community)

Meetup (an online service designed to facilitate real-world meetings of people involved in various virtual communities)

Stumbleupon (web surfing)

YTMND (Picture, Sound, Text)

MacJams.com (mac music sharing/community)

Smootsy (Online dating community)

Group blogs


Virtual community pioneers and experts

Ted Nelson

Vanessa DiMauro

Jonathan Bishop

Bart Cilfone

Peter Kollock

Jenny Preece

Sheizaf Rafaeli

Howard Rheingold

Fay Sudweeks

Sherry Turkle

Barry Wellman

Daniel Casal

Derek Liu

Long Vo

Philip Rosedale


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Web of trust

Yahoo! Groups


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Tuomi, Ilkka Internet, Innovation and Open Source:Actors in the Network 2000 First Monday


Further reading

Virtual communities and domestic violence crimes committed by their users - A detailed discussion about whether popular virtual communities should be held legally responsible for online domestic violence crimes committed by their users.


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News Consumption in Online Communities

Online Community Report - news and trends in online collaboration.

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Guide to Building an Online Community

Virtual Community Network

www.insna.org - International Network for Social Network Analysis, with links to journals, annual conference, etc.

Organizational Network Mapping - SNA applied in business organizations

Virtual Center for Supernetworks

VisualComplexity.com - A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

Dynamic Centrality in Social Networks

WhatIs.com has a thorough entry on the origins of the term, along with other helpful information.

Sim6D is an online experiment based on the six degrees of separation where individuals can attempt to contact a stranger in another part of the world through their connections.

Knover.com - a site that works to connect notable people to other notable people online. It has a Six Degrees feature.

Network for Good - a nonprofit organization where users can donate to more than one million charities and search from among more than 36,000 volunteer opportunities.

The Million People Page - modern social networking experiment started in Feb 2006

Six Degrees of Wikipedia - links Wikipedia articles in six degrees fashion

E-mail Study Corroborates Six Degrees of Separation - a study by the journal Science.

Six Degrees Black - Social networking site built on concept of Six Degrees of Separation. The site is "black" oriented.

The Six Degrees of Kasparov - the six degrees of separation tested with Chess results.

playtxt mososo - was the first mobile social network incorporating six degrees of separation.

Could it be a big world? - 2001, Judith Kleinfeld, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Connecting with people in six steps- BBC article contesting its existence

Pumpthemusic Oracle- The 6 degrees theory applied to the musical universe

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Newton's Door, by Dan Ward - Journal article published by Defense Acquisition University, applies principles from Duncan Watts' book Six Degreesto technology innovation and scientific research.

MySpace Page a new page to try and test out the theory of six degrees of separation whereby users add themselves to see if they come across someone they know and the author will calculate the degrees of separation.

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Jan. 18, 2007 press release from Network for Good. [1].

Billion To One website

Find Satoshi project




The Oracle of Bacon, with an automated Bacon calculator provided by the University of Virginia

Band To Band, links any band to any other band using albums, similar to the Kevin Bacon game

Cinema FreeNet Movie Connector finds links between film stars, and can also use directors and producers. (Note: Only current through 1/31/99, according to its Database Info page.)

Knover.com a site that works to connect notable people to other notable people online. It has a Six Degrees feature similar to this Kevin Bacon game.

Omnipelagos, finds the shortest (or most obscure) paths between any two terms in the Wikipedia.

Six degrees tool - Finds the shortest path between any two Wikipedia articles in the main namespace using wiki links. The source is also available.

The Oracle of Kasparov - shows the shortest path by which a chess player beats Kasparov.

Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg - Suggests that Bacon connects to many actors because he acts in many different kinds of roles and films.




The Oracle of Music- a site that connects artists in the musical universe


http://www.cs.virginia.edu/misc/news-bacon.html courtesy copies at the U Virginia Bacon site

http://oracleofbacon.org/center_list.html The Center of the Hollywood Universe: Note that the order and parenthetical average personality numbers are not current but reflect when the page was created or last updated. accessed 2006-10-11


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