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Switzerland - History, Mountains and Lakes


 Switzerland in the Middle Ages



Videos & Links of Switzerland

Fieldfare birds defend their young against a raven - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife

Extreme Ice-Skating - Switzerland

The Front to Back Restaurant - Switzerland

Ski Joring Races - Switzerland

Seven Dumpsters and a Corpse - 52 min

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Car or Motor Bike? Jeremy tries out the EcoMobile - Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld - BBC

Monteverdi Swiss Engineering - Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld - BBC

Big bang' particle beam completes first circuit - 10 Sep 08

'Big Bang' laboratory 'holds' universe secrets - 21 Apr 08

Unlocking the secrets of the universe -- 10 September 2008

UN reporter talks about the global food crisis - 28 Apr 08

Swiss banks eager to attract Muslim investors - 9 Jun 08

Inside Story - Global food crisis - 29 Apr 08 - Part 1

Inside Story - Global food crisis - 29 Apr 08 - Part 2

People & Power - Knockout blow - 14 May 08 - Part 1

People & Power - Knockout blow - 14 May 08 - Part 2

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Official Switzerland






With our 2000 experienced filmmakers, CITYGUIDE allows you to research and view locations. You can find CITYGUIDE on a variety of leading internet portals, regional or national newspaper sites and many other valuable media channels. Country: Switzerland
Website: http://www.cityguide.com



List of Swiss municipalities, all about Swiss municipalities



Style: VLogging

Name: Davos

City: Cologny
Country: Switzerland

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas.
Incorporated as a foundation in 1971, and based in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum is impartial and not-for-profit; it is tied to no political, partisan or national interests. http://www.weforum.org
The Forum, best known for its Annual Meeting of global leaders held every year in Davos, Switzerland organizes a series of regional meetings.
The Forum also organizes the Davos Debates http://youtube.com/davos an open discussion about the challenges facing our planet.


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  1. The motto is traditional; it is not officially defined by the Swiss constitution or Swiss law. See Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno for more information.

  2. http://www.oefre.unibe.ch/law/icl/sz00000_.html Switzerland Constitution], article 70, "Languages": (1) The official languages of the Federation are German, French, and Italian. Romansh is an official language for communicating with persons of Romansh language. (2) The Cantons designate their own official languages. In order to preserve harmony between linguistic communities, they respect the traditional territorial distribution of languages, and take into account the indigenous linguistic minorities.

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  11. Since 1999, an initiative can also be in the form of a general proposal to be elaborated by Parliament, but because it is considered less attractive for various reasons, this form of initiative has yet to find any use.

  12. I.e., a majority of 23 cantonal votes, because the result of the popular vote in the six traditional half-cantons each counts as half the vote of one of the other cantons.

  13. SwissEnergy

  14. http://c2d.unige.ch/int/voteres.php?entit=10&vote=101&lang=

  15. A zoomable map of Switzerland is available at either www.swissinfo-geo.org or www.swissgeo.ch; a zoomable satellite picture is at map.search.ch.

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