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 Many things have led me to forming this website and organization.  Throughout my life having witnessed poverty, abuse, and feelings of helplessness, I became determined to do something.  My mission is to gather like-minded people together for a common cause.  United, we can become a powerful force, each team working locally and globally to do charitable works which benefit both local and foreign organizations.  As each of these pieces is strengthened, so will our ability to continue to help.  One of the purposes of my walk around America is to show people how we can all work together for a common goal.  My favorite charities include; A) Aid for Hurricane Katrina victims, B). Alzheimer's Association.  C).  Supplying body armor for our troops in Iraq and D). Funds for our troops that need more medical attention than our government claims they can afford to spend. 

     What are your favorite charities and how can I help you facilitate your good works?

    Recent events which have also contributed; such as the dark times during the anthrax contamination from terrorist, the 9/11 tragedy and the pain our soldiers are enduring now led me to my mission. Many of my fellow Americans, as well as others around the world,  want to know what qualifies me to help with situations that actually require interaction with government agencies.

    These past several years I have observed several government agencies fumbling & bumbling,

I am no longer surprised at the ineptness of these various agencies. Such examples would include the Postal Service with it's failure to protect it's employees against anthrax, FEMA to properly prepare for Hurricane Katrina and our Military failing to get adequate supplies and equipment for our troops. In addition, Veterans Affairs to provide adequate medical care for our troops that have given so much for our country, and well as many others.

    This metaphorical "dropping of the ball" has taken its toll on the trust and patience of people around the world, leaving many of us feeling impotent and even betrayed...particularly here at home.

     I understand your pain. However, I have to say that after serving in the Marines during Vietnam and working over a quarter of a century for a federal agency, the incompetence and apathy of these agencies no longer surprises me. The dysfunctional culture that is inherent in practically every government agency, and infects most government employees, is the reason why Americans in need are sorely neglected.

     Many people have asked, "Vinny! Why are you no longer surprised by the ineptitude of these agencies? Why are you trying to raise money for people, when it is the responsibility of the agencies you just mentioned to be providing the services needed for our troops, the postal workers, our veterans, our first responders and yes even our work-a-day citizens?

     Actually these are easy questions to answer. Most of my life, I have always been a person not content to passively sit around observing life; instead I have always been compelled to fully participate in life and with the people around me...especially friends, relatives and my coworkers.

     Also, all of my life, I have been taught to believe that anything worth complaining about is certainly worth fixing (or just don't whine), and I have endeavored to put my body, mind and money where my mouth is with regards to applying every necessary effort towards any worthy task or mission.

     Many people hearing these assertions have said, "Bold words that plenty of people like to spout! Tell us, aside from selling a few tee-shirts and giving a portion of the proceeds from your house to some of these causes that you have listed, what real proof of your efforts in your life can you show that you are the type of man to walk the walk?

     Nowadays, every time I am posed this question I cannot help but smile smugly, when in the past the pain that this question would almost bring forth tears of sadness and frustration.

     As I said, nowadays things are different. I now understand the type of animal each government agency really is and why this question is also easy. For the sake of brevity, I will not bore you with the long laundry list of every good deed I committed since the boy scouts. I will simply share with anyone that needs to know my credentials, to be assured that I do indeed put my body, mind and money where my mouth is.

     During the last ten years of tenure at a federal agency where I was employed, I endeavored to stand up for my fellow government coworkers. I stood my ground on a few issues. The first was to protect the health of my coworkers, and to ensure the health and safety of American citizens from unnecessary exposure to dangerous bio-hazards. Next to prevent entirely or at least minimize the chance of terrorists undermining America through our agency and possibly utilizing the various dangerous protocols that are still currently employed.

     I spent ten years of my time and energy to do what I thought was essentially logical, to affect logical change. These changes would not have cost the taxpayers one dollar to implement, and the health and very lives of many people would have been saved.

In actuality, the taxpayers and the agency would have saved untold millions of dollars of revenue... revenue by my estimation still being lost. In the end, I was not able to affect change, and also incurred the displeasure of my coworkers.

 These coworkers were the very people that complained the loudest about these dangers (And are still complaining about them to this day), and yet still I incurred their displeasure by taking action.

To find out why, CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in I have to find out why social experiment; CLICK HERE>

CLICK HERE to see the Letter that I am sending all of the 2008 Presidential Candidates to ask them how I can send money to the troops.

      If you are interested in learning more detail of me, my team and our mission -- just click on this "Extended Bio & Philosophy"  Button.


If you have any questions please contact me at my e-mail address.


If anyone interested in talking directly with me about my story they can blog at:


"Bio & Philosophy/our-mission-possible/blog"


If You Are Interested in the Variety of Fun Ways You Can Win Prizes or Have You or Your Work Showcased,  Then Click On This "Have Fun & Earn Prizes" Link Page!

Thank you for joining me. Sincerely --- Vinny      



















requiem for a mindlife crisis

brent fletcher



















































Director of OMP

My name is Vinny.

I am innately Promethean, Philosophic in nature, and philanthropic in actual deed

I am also an ex-marine and an ex-agent of the federal government.
My mission is to raise money for charities, help facilitate individuals and organizations, and generate more money for their good causes.

I hope to meet intelligent life while I 

continue my education.

I like to share effective life strategies with other people like myself.

By emphasizing the importance of networking, collaborating, sharing information and influence, we are likely to serve the betterment of mankind. I believe it is important for each of us to become fully actualized.


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