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Giving Alms

     This page is devoted to the many products listed for sale.  All the net proceeds from the t-shirts and half of all other sales will be donated to a charity chosen by the buyer.

      I have a soft spot in my heart for charities and for those who donate their time and efforts for others.  Years ago I went to the local Red Cross to help them with their fund raising efforts.  For reasons I will not go into here, my request to help was turned down.  Because of this incident, I vowed to never again depend solely on any organization to aid me in my fundraising efforts.  I decided to not only offer products and books I created, but to invite others with similar desires to offer works of their own creation to benefit our efforts.  This will allow them to not only help others, but will give them an opportunity to have their works showcased and exposed to a worldwide audience.

      It is in this section that I will list the contact information (addresses, e-mails, web-sites, and phone numbers) for the nation headquarters of many charitable organizations.  It will also list many of the local charities of the towns and states that I walk through and give me the opportunity to show the many unsung heroes who work tirelessly for their communities.

National Offices of Many Charitable Organizations.


Read This Disclaimer Of Which I Am Required by Law to Post!

     After several years of planning to set up my life so that I can give to charitable organizations and other good causes, spending an inordinate about of time and money on building this site, purchasing a support vehicle and various assorted equipment, I found out a few hard and surprising truths. Evidently, it is much harder to give to charity than I had ever imagined. In fact, it is almost impossible for a variety of reasons. Let me explain.

     On many pages throughout this site, I have shared with you my desire to give to charities and other good causes. I have also been open as to what some of my favorite charities are. My favorites are chosen for the same reason other people have chosen theirs. I have had loved ones affected by certain diseases or events and so I am simply compelled to help alleviated or ease the pain that others are suffering, just as my mother had suffered, just as many of my friends and relatives have suffered. In short, I am by proxy trying to do for them now what I could not do for them in the past.

     Over the years, when I have raised money for charities, I have given through the Combined Federal Campaign where I worked. I have thrown money into the Salvation army pot. I have sent additional checks to charities that were not covered in our CFC brochure when they have solicited. I have given Christmas hams or turkeys, to poor families, along with a payment for rent that December and a few toys for their kids. I tell you this not to brag, it is nothing more than what countless of other people do. What we all do for the best of reasons. We give simply because as we help others in need we are also being enriched. We receive benefits from our giving and helping that simply cannot be measured. The gift is as much to us as the people who are receiving.

     And because what I was doing was not enough, I wanted to do more. I am a person is constantly compelled to improve my effectiveness, whether it is with power lifting, scuba diving, or raising money for charity. I also wanted to be more active with charities and this included networking and participating in events for those charities; so I walked for diabetes, I walked for the Alzheimer's Association and I tried to raise money for Red Cross during the Twin Tower fiasco

     As I mentioned on several occasions, Red Cross disappointed me. They were happy to collect any money that I could get for them, yet they would not endorse me walking for them. I wasn't selling anything, I did not even have to handle the money and everything I did would be public. In addition to this level of transparency, I also worked for the federal government and had recently passed a criminal background check for my work with at risk teens. Yes, Red Cross was happy to receive without giving endorsement.

     Shortly afterwards, chomping at the bit to satisfy my philanthropic urges I called up the Alzheimer's Association and told them I would like to walk for three days to raise money for them. Over the phone I was verbally given their blessing and then I went to their office and grabbed stickers of their banner to put on my support vehicle. Sadly, for reasons that are too long to share, I managed to only raise ten dollars for Alzheimer's Association during my seventy-five mile jaunt. One of the stumbling blocks I encountered was that everyone seemed to have a charity different than the one I was campaigning for.

     This happened on my walk for diabetes as well. Another stumbling block was that many people told me that money was tight, they had just enough to buy items that they felt increased the quality of their lives without much cost. Items such as tee shirts and books, or music.

     It was then that I vowed I would take a manuscript that I had been working on for years and sell it for charity. Since I am not independently wealthy, I realistically could only offer just over 50% of the net proceeds because I needed the rest to replenish what I called my charity tree. I felt satisfied with the plan that the purchaser of the book or other items could chose which charity that they would liked to see the pledged proceeds to go.

    However, regardless of the intention behind this plan and regardless on how effective it is to generate money for charities...there is something about using a small portion of this money to reprint that seemed to taint what I wanted to accomplish. This is why I thought selling a tee shirt and giving ALL of  the proceeds to charity would be cleaner. I could show to anyone's satisfaction, that need to see for themselves what I spent on the manufacturing of the shirts and how much was collected...even the Justice Department. In addition, as important as the money that could be raised, just as important I believe is the feeling of solidarity that people and other charitable organizations could share by also using this shirt to generate money for their good causes.

     But for legal reasons, I have to publicly state that even though over the years I have given to many of these organizations frequently, they have not endorsed me to raise money for them. Evidently, it is not legal for me or anyone to state that you are raising money for any charity that does not give you written permission to do so. Regardless of their willingness to accept money from people they don't endorse, anyone that wants to state that they are raising money for charities A & B must have written permission from charities A & B. Something they did not tell me when I walked for them a few years ago

     It is odd really...in the past, I was never asked as to how I got the money and in fact I had told most of these charities that I was walking for them and I would tell the public they could write a check or pledge X amount of dollars for every mile walked.

     These days, things are not so simple. It seems that many charities are concerned about who they affiliate themselves with. Just like any company, they are concerned with their branding. This I understand. I am also concerned with my brand, or branding. A brand is what make you distinct. It embeds in people's minds what you represent and how. Very well. It is useful to have a good and honest brand.   

     Let me share with you my BRAND. I stand for charity, loyalty, persistence, innovations, creative solutions, compassion, adventure, and high performance. I stand for getting the job done regardless if the people or organizations you are trying to raise money for are helping you or hindering. Why is this you may ask? Simple. Because it is not about them, nor is it about me, instead, it is about the people that they and I are trying to help. Therefore, I have contacting many of the charitable organizations to ask them permission to sell certain items of which ALL OF THE PROCEEDS SOLD in their name will go to them and for no other reason.

     Until then, reality dictates that I must operate my site completely as an educational outlet and a business. The products that I or anyone else sells on or outside of this site is for their business. All I am allowed to say is... you know what my favorite charities are...you know I want to help people with their good causes. You know that I wanted to engineer giving all of the proceeds of certain items to charity and over 50% of other items to charity.  There is a chance that for legal reasons, I may not even be allowed to pledge anything. for charity.

     I am legally allowed to say I love to give to charities. I am allowed to do what I want from the money I make selling items. You are allowed to let me know what charities you love to see money go to. (Can you read between the lines?) You just have to determine if you think I have credibility. You are welcome to contact the Alzheimer's Association and Food for Lane County to check about my past contributions. I will also post the check receipts on the web. Also, feel free to let me or any charitable organization if you would like to see me affiliated with or not.

     One final note. I AM PLEDGING A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF MY HOME, to raise money for body armor and other needed supplies for our troops in Iraq. So far I have convinced at least one person to match funds towards this cause. The amount that a few of us are likely to shell out from our own pockets may be in the neighborhood of thirty thousand dollars. With the additional networking I will be employing with this site, it is likely that I will be able to convince many other people to raise a substantial amount of money for this cause.

     Originally, I had intended to give some of this money to both the Alzheimer's Association and the Katrina Relief Fund. But considering the present circumstances I think the money would be better serve for the troops. Besides, Since the Pentagon is not listed as a non-profit charitable organization I am not hampered by any legalities of pledging and giving to them, (As long as what I pledge actually does go to them -- which actually brings up another problem I will share with you in just a bit).

     Although, despite the legal oddities of pledging money for Charities, if the troops in Iraq did not need the body armor, I would give to my favorites of course.

    The reason why I even mention this is not so much to prove to anyone that you can believe what I promise. The fact is, I need the help of many of my fellow citizens to help me to get the money to the Pentagon to be used properly for the troops.

    Strange as it may seem, it is not very easy to give money that the Pentagon is crying that they don't have to give to the troops. I have sent letters to Legislators asking how and where I should send the money. Congressman Peter DeFazio as sent the letter, and as of yet there has been NO response.

     I decided to write a letter to all of the Presidential candidates and other national representatives and once again publicly ask them where I and many of my fellow Americans can send the money so that more of our troops will come home and less of them with crippling disabilities.

    Only this time, I would like as many of you to sign your name along side of mine, to show our legislators that is an important issue to all of us. I don't want to get into blaming, or pointing fingers at the government wondering who should have done what.

    I just want give, where it is needed, and remember, none of you have to spend a dime to help me to give.

Please contact me, and your legislators. If you go to the Political parties page, on this site, or the political links page or the 2008 Presidential Candidates page, you will have access to the contact addresses to all of the legislators and you can send them an e-mail, or a letter, or a phone call and let them know how you feel on this matter.

Thank you,




     CLICK HERE to see the Letter that I am sending all of the 2008 Presidential Candidates to ask them how I can send money to the troops.


     If you are interested in reading some of my experiences in life that compels me to help alleviate poverty and hunger then CLICK HERE>




Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: http://www.ipcc.ch

IPCC Working Group III Report: http://www.ipcc.ch/SPM040507.


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