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Edward P Roski Jr, Ernest S Rady, Stephen M Ross, Mitchell P Rales, Roberto Hernandez Ramirez,
George R Roberts, Steven M Rales, Robert Rowling, David Rockefeller Sr, Richard Edward Rainwater,
J Joseph Ricketts, Marc David Rich, احمد علي محمد قريع, Robert E Rich Jr.,
Stewart Rahr, Trevor Rees-Jones, Phillip Ruffin, Steven Roth, Wilbur L Ross Jr, Birgit Rausing,
Hans Rausing, Abdullah Al Rajhi, Sulaiman Bin Abdul Al Rajhi, Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi,, 
Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, Viktor Rashnikov, Prashant Ruia, Paula Rosput Reynolds,
David Reuben, Simon Reuben, Johann Rupert, Rainer Schmidt-Ruthenbeck, Edward Rogers, 
Michael Schmidt-Ruthenbeck, فائض الله خؤاجه, Ravi Ruia, Shashi Ruia, Marc Rich,
Anshuman Ruia, Clayton Riddell, Dmitry Rybolovlev, James Ratcliffe,
dominik də vilpɛ̃, Paul Riegel, Hans Riegel, Isaac Saba Raffoul, Alex Rodriguez, Paul Ramsay,
Nicole Richie, Rachael Ray, Valentino Rossi, John Roberts, Gina Rinehart, Mark Rowsthorn,
Zhang Rongkun,Huang Rulun, Chen Runguang, Wu Ruilin, Zhang Ronglian, 
Paul Riegel,B Ramalinga Raju, Shashi Ruia, Ravi Ruia, Chen Rong, Irene Rosenfeld, Patricia Russo,
Janet Robinson, Michael Rietbrock, Jon Rogers,الشيخ أحمد ياسين,,Queen Rania,
Jeff Van Rhee, Robert Routh, Alex Rygiel, Reik Read, Richard Repetto, Richard Rossi, Steven Roth,
Gary M. Rodkin, William C. Rhodes III, James E. Rogers, Michael I. Roth, Robert E. Rossiter,
Paula G. Rosput Reynolds, Gary L. Rainwater, David M. Ratcliffe, Steven R. Rogel, Peter J. Rose,
C. Dowd Ritter, Dennis H. Reilley, Борис Трајковски, Patricia F. Russo, David Roux,
Glenn M. Renwick, Hector de J. Ruiz, Thomas A. Renyi, Brian L. Roberts, Steven S. Reinemund,
Matthew K. Rose, ʒu'zɛ ba'tiʃtɐ pi'ɲɐiɾu dɨ ɐzɨ'vedu, James E. Rohr, Arthur F. Ryan,
George A. Roche, Douglas L. Rock, Thomas M. Ryan, John W. Rowe, Kevin B. Rollins, Danny Rimer, 
Stephen Royer, Seth Rudnick, Michael Rolnick, Heidi Roizen, Peter Ralston,
محمد عبد العزيز, Christine Bannon-Rodrigues, Frank Roberto 3rd Dan, Ermoe Reyes, Sr.,
Master Richard Rabago, Pete Rabino, Alexander Retuinskih, Shihan Russ Rhodes, Bridgett Riley,
Master Glenn Ristine, Cynthia Rothrock, Guru Ramon Rubia, Guru Eva Canete-Rubia, Jon Reep,
Tuhon Gaudiosa Sarno Ruby, Bill Ryusaki, Louis Ramey, Stephen Rannazzisi, Donnell Rawlings, 
Jasper Redd , زين العابدين بن علي,Brian Regan, Molly Reisner , Melanie Reno, Rob Riggle, 
Paul Reubens, Caroline Rhea,呂基文,Tom Rhodes, 葉明,Keith Robinson , Joe Rogan, 
Gregg Rogell,  桂宮 宜仁親王,Karen Rontowski , Jeffrey Ross, Jimmie Roulette, Sean Rouse, John Roy, 
Rudy Rush, Ira L Rennert, Julian H Robertson Jr, Jim Ryun, Winthrop Rockefeller, 
Bobby Rush,Vargrave Richards, Mark Ricks, عبد القادر طالب عمر,  
Charles Rangel, Denny Rehberg, Steve Rothman, Mike J. Rogers,Jim Ramstad, 
Dutch Ruppersberger,Thomas M. Reynolds,Ralph S. Regula,

Timothy J. Ryan, Silvestre Reyes, Dave Reichert, Nick Rahall, Paul Ryan, ɔ'tɛlu sɐ'ɾaivɐ dɨ kɐɾ'vaʎu

احمد علي محمد قريع,


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             Director of OMP

My name is Vinny.

I am innately Promethean, Philosophic in nature, and philanthropic in actual deed

I am also an ex-marine and an ex-agent of the federal government.
My mission is to raise money for charities, help facilitate individuals and organizations, and generate more money for their good causes.

I hope to meet intelligent life while I 

continue my education.

I like to share effective life strategies with other people like myself.

By emphasizing the importance of networking, collaborating, sharing information and influence, we are likely to serve the betterment of mankind.

I believe it is important for each of us to become fully actualized.

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