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Emotional Capacity

  Emotional Capacity is the facility of our personality and feelings and how they engage with our mental processes and the reality of the world around us. The various aspects of our emotional capacity is the level of emotional stress we can endure, our ability to monitor our emotions and our skill at modifying our emotions - meaning our ability to eradicate emotions that are dangerous, counter-productive or illogical to have and our ability to foster positive emotions and joy when it is logical or appropriate to do so.

     One of the saddest observations in my life is the fact that most people are swept away by their emotions and often the emotions that carry them away are destructive at worse and counter-productive or useless at best.  Most people are content to feel what they feel and perhaps as an after thought to think about what they had felt. Only a few people will actually program themselves by the power of their rational mind what is appropriate to feel and at what intensity.

     One of the most important emotional skills is for people to learn how to disciple themselves to work towards rewards down the line and by putting off reward and feeling pleasure over the fact that they can accomplish this type of emotional disciple.

      In closing I want to mention that the most common excuses that people give for not achieving optimal health and physical performance is; I am emotionally overwhelmed - low emotional capacity, I am don't know how or I never had a chance to go to school and further my education - Low mental capacity; I don't know the right people to participate with, or my friends and family or my employer is getting in the way - Low social & political capacity; I don't have the money, I can't afford it - low financial capacity; and lastly, I don't have the time - which is most often affected directly by lack of finances or perhaps their other capacities are courting bankruptcy.

     This is why the capacities for each of the other areas of your life must be attended to.

What Capacities Should People Move Heaven & Earth To Improve?

Physical Capacity

Mental Capacity

Emotional Capacity

Spiritual Capacity

Social & Political Capacity

Financial Capacity = Primerica or Robert Viale

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