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Financial Capacity  

I cannot stress the importance for each person to develop and maintain their Financial health.

     In the absence of financial stability, everything else that is important in you and your families life is at risk of being compromised in a negative way.

     People and families without requisite financial health often suffer a myriad of problems.

     Parents will tend to have less time to spend with their kids; their families will tend to suffer from more health problems, a higher likelihood of substance abuse, more emotional problems and feelings of resentment and abandonment from spouses and kids. Also, children from families with poor economic resources are also less likely to finish school and do well in life as they move into adulthood.

     In fact, there have been studies that have shown that a child with average intelligence raised in a family that enjoys superior financial capacity is much more likely to be successful in life in every way that matters - than children with gifted intelligence from families who suffer financially.

     When you think of it, there is no mystery as to why this occurs; financially successful people tend to have a greater emotional capacity and are more likely to sacrifice, and with hold from rewarding themselves until later in the future when they have ascertained that they have plenty of reserve in their financial capacity.

     People who are more emotionally skilled will also be more reasonable to live with and will also be a likely source from which the children can successfully model themselves after.

     People who come from financially stable families are more likely to become financially stable themselves and this give them more opportunity to stay physically, intellectually and emotionally fresh as they enter their golden years - in fact people in this situation are more likely than not to live long, healthy and productive lives. A few of many such examples are: Benjamin Franklin - 84, Aristotle - 62,  Plato - 76, Kissinger - 86, Milton Friedman - 94, Thomas Jefferson- 83,  Socrates - 70, Voltaire - 83, Pablo Picasso - 91, Michelangelo  - 88.

     One of my favorite heroes of mine is Benjamin Franklin. He arrived in Philadelphia, practically penniless and only a few loaves of bread under his arm. He successfully employed key strategies that would insure that he would become wealthy, which allowed him at the age of 42 to retire and spend full time on his other pursuits.

     Though he believed in the motto, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." He also believed in the necessity of working long hard hours, working smart and making the best use of your time, networking, sacrifice and frugality.

     If only most Americans would follow this game-plan, then perhaps we would not be in this mortgage fiasco.

     In closing I want to mention that the most common excuses that people give for not achieving optimal Financial health is; I am emotionally overwhelmed - low emotional capacity, I am don't know how or I never had a chance to go to school and further my education - Low mental capacity; I don't know the right people to participate with, or my friends and family or my employer is getting in the way - Low social & political capacity; I don't have the energy - low physical capacity; and lastly, I don't have the time - which is most often affected directly by lack of finances or perhaps their other capacities are courting bankruptcy.

     This is why the capacities for each of the other areas of your life must be attended to.

What Capacities Should People Move Heaven & Earth To Improve?

Physical Capacity

Mental Capacity

Emotional Capacity

Spiritual Capacity

Social & Political Capacity

Financial Capacity = Primerica or Robert Viale

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