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Social & Political Capacity

 Social or Political Capacity has to do with how socially or politically skilled your are. It is important to develop these skills

     First off, all human primates do better if they learn optimal social skills to get through life. Also, it is in our best interest to associate socially with people who exhibit the qualities of personality and character that is necessary to achieve maximum capacity in each of the areas listed on the front of the Home Page and the list shown below.

     In the coming decades it is going to be imperative that we as individuals working in collectives to network for the betterment of our personal agendas and for the betterment of the community of mankind as well. One must be done at the benefit of the other.

What Capacities Should People Move Heaven & Earth To Improve?

Physical Capacity

Mental Capacity

Emotional Capacity

Spiritual Capacity

Social & Political Capacity

Financial Capacity = Primerica or Robert Viale

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