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Spiritual Capacity

  This aspect of our personhood, though subjective and unquantifiable is, I feel, very important for a rich and rewarding life. I believe that it is true that people who scorn the spiritual or mystical can and often do have rewarding lives. I also know that there are people who put a premium into spiritual, religious or mystical events have lives of misery, despair and even utter chaos.

     I believe that the ability to enjoy the mystical providing of course it does not hamper the rational aspects of reality is one of the best gifts that we can indulge in.

     Whether you believe in God, or a higher power in the Universe or a higher self within each of us, or the beauty of creation, this can be one of man's crowning achievements - as long as reason and rational thinking is holding the reigns and not vice versa.

     Mystical events or experiences - though often realistically powerful are hard to quantify and prove - and not just to other people, but to ourselves as well. 

     That is why I believe it is more important for individuals and collectives of people worry first about how to attend to the health and capacity of each of the other areas in our lives which is necessary for our survival and effectiveness as an individual and as a species.

     For anyone that is interested in checking out some of the insights I have experienced throughout my life you are welcome and even encourage to check out the books that I have written detailing these events. A list of these books are located on the Home Page of this site.

What Capacities Should People Move Heaven & Earth To Improve?

Physical Capacity

Mental Capacity

Emotional Capacity

Spiritual Capacity

Social & Political Capacity

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