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As you are aware, I am enthralled by the necessity of acquiring financial stability and optimal financial capacity.

Too many people have an aversion to wealth and certainly have a disdain for the wealthy. There are many people that will tell you that having wealth is immoral and selfish.

Yet, it has been my observation that without those who have real wealth, jobs would be scarce and even wages for the lower and middle class would be scarce as well.

I have never been employed by a poor person; I have never been taught skills from a poor person and I have never been fed by a poor person.

The homeless crisis is not alleviated by the poor or without the use of money.

Money is not the root of all evil. In fact every person should read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" and study the speech that Frisco gives concerning money.

He starts off the speech with: "If you think money is root of all evil, then I ask you, what is the root of money?"

I have a great respect for money and I realize, just as Frisco realizes that money must be earned honestly. I developed this respect for money, because I know what it is like to be poor and go hungry as a kid growing up in North Carolina and I know what it is like to be homeless and starving as an adult.

I have learned that life can throw many unexpected hardships at us; and actually it should be expected that almost all of us will be thrown hardships that will prove to be expensive and depleting of all our reserves.

This is why it is wise that people plan ahead for the worst as they hope for and worked for the best. It is best to have various types of investment instruments and fiscal safe guards for you and your family.

It is best to start acquiring these various instruments when you are young and your capacity to work long and hard is greater. In addition to the advantage that you can work long and hard, young people also enjoy greater health and and are less likely to experience mortality or morbidity.

This is when life insurance is the most affordable. Anyone person who has a family, kids, spouse, or even parents or siblings would be a fool not to invest in a top level term life insurance.

Extra money should be invested in various instruments such as annuities, 401 K's and IRA's and precious metals and especially Real Estate (real property) during times when real estate is affordable.

Insurance and investments should be acquired to offset actual or financial death of your or your spouse.

Disability insurance is not a bad idea.

This is why I have found a company - PRIMERICA - which I believe to be one of the best companies to provide safety for customers and even a potential business for people who want to augment their regular job.

Many people have become rich through Primerica by actually helping other people to diminish their debt while increasing their investment portfolio.

What Capacities Should People Move Heaven & Earth To Improve?

Physical Capacity

Mental Capacity

Emotional Capacity

Spiritual Capacity

Social & Political Capacity

Financial Capacity = Primerica or Robert Viale

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