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Macau (Part 2)



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    Christopher Hitchens Debates God w/ David Allen White (1/8)

    MP3 Player Contains Military Secrets

    Did U.K. Military Try to Shoot UFOs?

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    10 Hitchen's D'Souza Debate Book TV



    Hitchens v Turek - VCU - 10 of 15






    The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See (part 6 of 8)

    Fatal Fallout 6of9


    Mind Power (Part 1 of 8)

    Mind Power (Part 7 of 8)




    UFO's, The Secret Government, and the War on Drugs (Part 1)



    The Truth About The Economy: Total Collapse



    The War We dont see, Pleiadian truth, The Illuminati kill our allies Part 1


    sacred geometry part 8  - burslemchakra





    Charlie Rose - Economist Milton Friedman.


    Peter Medawar

    George Steiner

    A-Rod Admits Using Steroids for 3 Years


    Christopher Hitchens, Shmuley Boteach at the 92nd Street




    Charlie Villanueva- twitter.com/CV31

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    CC Sabathia - twitter.com/cc_sabathia



    JDate in Hebrew (היכרויות בעברית)

    JDaters Anonymous blog (a woman's perspective)

    JDater blog (a man's perspective)

    Jdate "Our Members" demographics page

    Jdate "Mazel Tov" listing

    "JDate banners feature pictures of porn models,"

    "E-romancer's cash-anova complex"






    Your Ideal Date

    MPwH.net Website

    GotHerpes Website

    GotHPV.net website

    H2Ofriends.com(Herpes and HPV social events and resources)

    Herpes.MD Herpes friendly clinicians

    Love on the web

    Online Dating Clichés

    Bloom off the rose: online dating services struggle to keep market share

    Why are Online Personals So Hot?: Maybe it’s the lingerie models trolling for dates

    Hey, baby, want a date?





    JDate in Hebrew (היכרויות בעברית)

    JDaters Anonymous blog (a woman's perspective)

    JDater blog (a man's perspective)

    Jdate "Our Members" demographics page

    Jdate "Mazel Tov" listing

    "JDate banners feature pictures of porn models,"

    "E-romancer's cash-anova complex"






    Your Ideal Date

    MPwH.net Website

    GotHerpes Website

    GotHPV.net website

    H2Ofriends.com(Herpes and HPV social events and resources)

    Herpes.MD Herpes friendly clinicians

    Love on the web

    Online Dating Clichés

    Bloom off the rose: online dating services struggle to keep market share

    Why are Online Personals So Hot?: Maybe it’s the lingerie models trolling for dates

    Hey, baby, want a date?



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    Financial Capacity = PPrimerica or Robert Viale

    The Rational Philosophy of Ayn Rand's Objectivism




    ABC 20/20 Lastdays on Earth part1


    ABC 20/20 Lastdays on Earth part2









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    "The sexy master of language, among the who's who on YouTube" - G4 Television

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    and lots of others!












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    I am dismayed by negative comments that are unwarrented. They have no value, they provide no instruction and they serve no purpose... except perhaps to indulge in some emotional agenda.
    It is painful to observe.


    Google Earth: Territorial Conflicts (details in descriptions)


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    Words & Music by Shaney Faini:
















    ROME — The global financial meltdown has pushed the ranks of the world's hungry to a record 1 billion, a grim milestone that poses a threat to peace and security, U.N. food officials said Friday.

    Because of war, drought, political instability, high food prices and poverty, hunger now affects one in six people, by the United Nations' estimate.

    The financial meltdown has compounded the crisis in what the head of the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization called a "devastating combination for the world's most vulnerable."

    Compared with last year, there are 100 million more people who are hungry, meaning they consume fewer than 1,800 calories a day, the agency said.

    "No part of the world is immune," FAO's Director-General Jacques Diouf said. "All world regions have been affected by the rise of food insecurity."

    The crisis is a humanitarian one, but also a political issue.

    Officials presenting the new estimates in Rome sought to stress the link between hunger and instability, noting that soaring prices for staples, such as rice, triggered riots in the developing world last year.

    Josette Sheeran of the World Food Program, another U.N. food agency based in Rome, said hungry people rioted in at least 30 countries last year. Most notably, soaring food prices led to deadly riots in Haiti and the overthrow of the prime minister.

    "A hungry world is a dangerous world," Sheeran said. "Without food, people have only three options: They riot, they emigrate or they die. None of these are acceptable options."

    Even though prices have retreated from their mid-2008 highs, they are still "stubbornly high" in some domestic markets, according to FAO. On average, food prices were 24 percent higher in real terms at the end of 2008 compared to 2006, it said.

    "Malnutrition kills through the fact that it weakens the immune system of a child," said Andrei Engstrand-Neacsu, a Nairobi, Kenya-based spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in East Africa. Some 22 million of the 1 billion hungry people counted by the United Nations are in the drought-stricken Horn of Africa, he said.

    Engstrand-Neacsu said he had just returned from a corner of southern Ethiopia on the Kenyan border where the food situation is dire, and had been speaking to a family who lost a child to malaria in February. The parents said they were told he couldn't be saved because he was malnourished.

    Engstrand-Neacsu called on donors to act before "skeletal African children are shown on the television screen at dinnertime" in the West.

    The number of hungry people is estimated to have reached 1.02 billion — up 11 percent from last year's 915 million, FAO said. The agency said it based its estimate on analysis by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    FAO said that the hunger rate is rising, too — that is, the number of hungry people is growing more quickly than the world population. Officials did not provide a rate but said the trend began two years ago.

    Almost all the world's undernourished live in developing countries. But all regions of the world have registered two-digit increases in hunger from last year.

    The world's most populous region, Asia and the Pacific, has the largest number of hungry people — 642 million, up 10.5 percent from last year. Sub-Saharan Africa registers 265 million undernourished, an 11.8 percent increase. Even in the developed world, undernourishment is a growing concern, with 15 million in all and a 15.4 percent increase, the sharpest rise around the world, FAO said.

    The dire figures make it highly unlikely that a goal set by the wealthiest nations to cut hunger in the world in half by 2015 will be met, though officials vow to press world leaders at the Group of Eight summit gathering in Italy next month.

    FAO said the calorie-limit it employs to declare a person hungry is on average 1,800, though it changes slightly from country to country.

    Alice Lichtenstein, a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University, said FAO's hunger definition was reasonable, if a little conservative. She said the 1,800-calorie threshold represented the number of calories most adults need to maintain their body weight, but that the figure would vary depending on a person's size and level of physical activity.

    The number of calories for children varies even more. They need fewer calories because they are smaller, but also need increasing amounts as they get older to ensure they are growing.

    World cereal production in 2009 was strong, but the global economic downturn resulted in lower incomes and higher unemployment rates — and therefore reduced access to food.

    The crisis also affects the quality of nutrition, as families tend to buy cheaper, calorie-rich but nutrient-poor foods such as grains, at the expense of meat, dairy products and other expensive and high-protein foods.


    Rubin Margolin


    It is too tough

    It is risky

    It will take a long time.

    Family Drama

    I don't deserve it.

    It is not my nature.

    I can't afford it.

    No one will help me.

    It has never happened before.

    I'm not strong enough.

    I'm not smart enough.

    The Rules won't let me.

    I don't have the energy

    My own personal family history.

    My parents were divorced.

    Too of the most common excuses are:

    I'm too busy

    I'm Scared

    The Only two emotions are love.


    Meet Beautiful Filipinas
    Find Your Dream Filipina Now. Search Through 1000s Of Profiles!





    I was working out the other day at a local gym and I happened to ponder the fact that the world of Training has caught up with what Phoenix, Rick 150k and I use to teach many years ago.

    I opened a Gym in Springfield Oregon a few decades ago and shortly after Rick 150K entered my Gym.
    He wanted to find a place that was hardcore enough for him to make the gains that had always eluded him in the past.

    I taught him many training protocols that I had developed from years of experimentation - lots of trial and error - protocols that allowed me to perform at world class level of comptition.

    Rick had never heard of any lifter using heavy twenty-five reppers before and certainly back then, it was certainly not the method of choice for powerlifters or other types of strength athletes.

    I put Rick 150K through the paces - starting first with an intensive warm-up designed to purposely PRE-EXHAUST! Then I had him push a weight where he could barely do twenty five reps and all with pauses at the bottom of the lift and after his brutal pause set he worked on a heavier, very fast and very ballistic set of twenty five reps... after which he moved up five pound increments doing as many reps as he could till failure and this continued until he could not do a rep.

    (Then Negatives were to be performed)
    We used this method for every exercise for every body part (Not a routine that I recommend for anyone to stay on forever)
    He was crippled for a week - but true to his nature, he came back
    and learned to embrace these brutal workouts.
    As you can imagine, I did not keep many clients - only the toughest people could tolerate such a workload and in fact Only Rick 150K, Phoenix and a handful of friends actually embraced this torment.

    Each of my hardcore friends were dedicated to bring more people into the gym so that they have the pleasure of inflicting such torment on new members.
    It became a sort of trial by fire or a passage of rite used for anyone who desired to become an IRON WARRIOR.

    Phoenix and Rick 150 K became especially devilishly inventive with coming up with new workout protocols and exercises that push me and everyone else to our limits. - They made it a point to give as good as they got.

    Years later, Phoenix and I would set up such protocols for the people at a Federal Agency we both worked out and we took special delight in putting many of the managers and supervisors through such a routine. It was not too hard to convince them to follow us - because they simply followed us (with less weight of course)


    Despite my level of performance, it was hard to convince other gym members to adopt this program - even gym rats with who had been lifting for years and also had acquired a respectable level of strength.


    Why wouldn't they you may ask? Good question.

    Because they are so damn hard and the world record holders of the day did not train this way and in fact when some of these world famous lifters found out what I was doing they were quick to dismiss my methods as eccentric at best and totally useless at worse. Thankfully, many of these world famous lifters have turned their opinions around 180 degrees and now after almost thirty years you will see many really well developed or brutally strong lifters employing heavy and fast twenty-five reppers spiced throughout their workouts. In fact some people even do double the reps.


    Yes Rick... Phoenix.... the world is starting to catch up and pass us by.


    For those of you who are interested in reading more about the workouts and many colorful characters that trained at Vince's Gym - Just go to my Website - www.our-mission-possible.com and on the home page you will see a list of books I wrote one of which is Vince's Gym.

    Click that link and you will be taken to a page that shows a table of contents and some of these chapters are links to some excerpts to stories and so forth.

    Let me know what you think

    Take care,










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